Friday, March 16, 2012

To Be in Your Arms

I think this is the first time I've posted any poetry/creative writing/whatever you want to call it on my blog. This is a little glimpse into my heart and my most sacred, precious relationship. Thank you for taking the time to read my sweet friends.

Just to be with you I'd do anything. 
From the crevices of my desperate, disheartened soul, I cry for you.
 My heart screams, Abba, Daddy, I need you.
  For I know, Your love is the only love that quenches my parched, tattered soul.
Your love alone heals, restores, empowers.
 Fill me. 
Please, precious Abba, come take me in Your arms.
I need You to hold me.
All else in this world is meaningless.
So many times I've neglected You. 
 Bought into the lies of this world.
Believed that You made "junk" in forming me  
 Believed that satisfaction could be found somewhere other than You. 
 Filled myself with the lethal mire of this  present darkness.
Shine Your light in me.
With a wrenched heart and empty hands, I plead,
 Forgive me, my sweet Jesus.
Forgive me for the times I've allowed the roosters to crow,
 I've denied Your beautiful Name.
 The precious Name Above All Names.
Jesus Christ
The Name that brings life, for You are Life
 Your beautiful Name,
The Name in which I find VICTORY,
Victory over lies and deception
Victory over sin
Victory over this present darkness and spiritual wickedness
Victory over one of the greatest enemies I face, myself. 
Sweet Jesus,  
 Thank You.
Thank You that Your blood payed my debt.
Undeserving, I am.
Damned is the title I have earned.
Yet, you have adorned my with the most cherished title imaginable.
Your precious child.
Oh, Abba, praise Your Holy Name.
To taste Your love is to drink of the sweetest waters.
 I have drank of You and testify of Your  healing power.
The power of the only love that mends tattered souls 
The power of the only love that quenches love-parched hearts 
How great You are
Wrap Your arms around me
Once again, whisper to me of Your love.
Fill me to overflowing with Your Spirit.
My sweet, sweet Jesus 
Your arms are incomparable to mere, mortal men
Hold me in them.
My Beautiful, my Sacred, my Only
Just to be with You I'd do anything


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